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Proteks is Water Proof

Proteks Smooth Application

The Proteks System for your roof is a long life fix and has a wide choice of colours.
It is applied in two stages and gives a real protection as well as a ‘long life looks good’ - which will be in excess of 25 years

Proteks Clear Application

Suitable for all roofs.
Protects your roof from spalling & deterioration from the changing weather conditions. A two stage application Proguard offers owners a cost effective ‘peace of mind’ solution to a nightmare problem
We are sure we have a fix for your property.
Proteks Monoblock Protection

We Are Sure

We Have a Fix for Your Property
Domestic or Commercial.


Proteks is Tough and Durable

Application Methods

Proteks comes as a solid state material and is a two-coat application
The first part of the application is to install the prime or slush coat. The Proteks slush coat is created by addition of upto 40% PT 15 a modified resin to the mixture (dependent on substrate). The first coat also creates a surface with uniform porosity, allowing an even distribution rate when the final coat is applied.
When the final coat is applied it will leave a tough durable weatherproof finish designed to be maintenance free for more than 25 years.
We are sure we have a fix for your property.
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The Benefits of ‘The Proteks System’

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