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What type of buildings can Proteks treat?

The Proteks System can be applied to almost any type of exterior surface, new or old. It will complement an existing texture or it can be used to give uniform appearance to a structure containing a number of different types of material.  

The Proteks System has being applied successfully to BRICK, STUCCO, PEBBLE DASH, TILES, CONCRETE BLOCK, MASONRY,  ROUGHCAST, WET DASH, and many more.

Proteks can also be applied to many wood surfaces and will adhere to even uPVC and plastic facia’s and soffits gutters and down pipes.

Architecturally speaking the possibilities for the Proteks System are limitless!
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The Proteks System

The Proteks System is an exterior protective and decorative coating for the long term protection of the exterior fabric of almost any building.
The Proteks System is an exterior protective and decorative coating for the long-term protection of the exterior fabric of almost any building.

Based on a modern synthetic resin. Proteks gives structures an extremely tough weatherproof finish that is remarkably resistant to weathering, even in the most rigours climate conditions.

It is so resistant that an application of Proteks comes with a full written guarantee and will last for 25 years or more.

Proteks is the ultimate protection against harsh British weather. Yet it is not a vapour barrier. In other words -whilst stopping water penetration it allows the walls to vent moisture from the inside of the property.
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What makes us different from our competitors.

We will
Conduct a detailed property survey.
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What makes us different from our competitors.

Proteks is the only product with decades of excellence
Outlast Traditional Painting Methods by 5-7 times.
Protects and Weatherproofs your property.
Give 25 Years Plus Life Protection.
Comes with a full No Quibble Guarantee!  
100's of colours.

The Key Features of

The Proteks Systems

We have a fix for your property

Painted Exterior Walls

Proteks is not
a paint it is an epoxy

The Proteks System is a long life coating application which will out last most exterior paints by 5 to 7 times longer.

Decades of Excellence throughout the UK and beyond.

It comes in many colours and finishes which are suitable for any property type.
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Rendered Exterior Walls

Long Life Protection

For rendered properties The Proteks System range is a much better alternative to roughcasting.  

It offers a 25 year plus life expectancy and comes with a no quibble guarantee for added 'peace of mind'.

There is a wide variety of texture and colours available.
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The Proteks System successfully eliminates damp and ingress issues.

Being 100% waterproof it STOPS water penetrating through the exterior walls and most importantly it is a BREATHABLE membrane that allows the walls to breathe naturally.
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The Complete Proteks

Proteks can be applied to almost any sub-strait .

From a smooth render, to a wet dash or dry dash finish. Roughcast and pebble dashed surfaces.

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So What's the difference?

At Proteks, we have always prided ourselves on looking at a problem as if it was ours.

When we do a survey we look at the long term.

We want to make sure the building is brought into good repair, doing all repairs necessary before providing our long term application.

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Proteks Vs Other Options

Masonary Paint

Not Waterproof
Not Flexible
Not Long Life
Not Thermal Efficient
Not Breathable
Not Self Cleaning
No Penetrating Damp Protection
Not Guaranteed for 25 Years

New Roughcast

Not Waterproof
Not Flexible
Long Life
Not Thermal Efficient
Not Self Cleaning
No Penetrating Damp Protection
Not Guaranteed for 25 Years

The Proteks System

family of products is available in the BS 4800 range of colours

The colours displayed in this image are for information only.

We will send out a larger more accurate colour sample to give customers abetter choice.
Image showing all the Proteks coating colours.
Long Life Protection
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