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The Key Features of ‘Marley’

from Proteks Systems Ltd

We have a fix for any property
Photo of the Marley System.

Dry Fix, Ventilation, Fixings

Marley dry fix systems provide mortar-free, fast, secure and durable detailing and ventilation options for all major pitched roofing constructions for a very wide range of tiles and slates.

One of the important things with Marley is that this roof system comes with the ease of access to the tools and designs make the process all together that much more faster and easy.

Marley Roof Option From Proteks

Marley Roof Option

Re-newing not what you are looking for?

Not to worry because sometimes all you need is a fresh start and Marley can provide just that.

There is nothing more off putting than the top of your house looking well, almost run into the ground.

Marley Roof Systems strives to meet the customers needs by creating that fresh new start, giving your house the chance to stand tall like the home you deserve.

Photo of a roof

Why Marley

Who wouldn’t want the roof over their head to be waterproof, secure and with a refined aesthetic?

Well Marley offers nothing less than so.

Marley Roofing System comes with the ability to offer more high quality, integrated roofing elements than any other manufacturer out there, with it’s ability to eliminate common roofing incompatibility issues, whilst incorporating high performance, ease of installation and roof longevity into all of our solutions.

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Roof Tiles

Marley offers a generous range of clay, concrete and fibre cement tiles that suit every sector, pitch and location.
  • Clay Plain Tiles,
  • Concrete Plain Tiles,
  • Clay Interlocking tiles,
  • Vertical Tiling
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