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Rendered Exterior Walls

Why paint every few years when you can 'Proteks' just once?

The Proteks System

Transform your property with a long lasting alternative to traditional roughcasting.
The Proteks System is available in a number of different textured finishes that have been successfully applied to properties for decades and will enhance the look of any building - Our textures are available in over 120 shades from the BS 4800 range of colours.
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During production, perlite is added to the mix to give a Fine, Medium or Standard texture finish. This gives a wide variety of solutions to solve almost any problem. Add to this over 120 colours to choose from, Proteks is the answer to many exterior wall problems.
Masonry Fill Perlite Explained
Expanded perlite provides a quick and permanent method for insulating masonry walls. Depending upon design conditions, reductions in heat transmission of 50% or more can be obtained when perlite loose fill is used in the hollow cores of concrete block or cavity type masonry walls.

Perlite is a non-combustible, industrial mineral yielding superior dynamic thermal performance. The addition of Perlite increases the thermal value of our applications adding heat retention & savings on expensive heating bills.
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Application Methods

The application method will depend upon which Proteks System is chosen for your property type, Proteks comes as a solid state material and is a two-coat application.

The first part of the application is to install the prime or slush coat. The slush coat is created by the addition of up to 40% PT 15, a modified resin, to the mixture(dependent on substrate). The first coat also creates a surface with uniform porosity, allowing an even distribution rate when the final coat is applied.

When the final coat is applied it will leave a tough durable weatherproof finish designed to be maintenance free for more than 25 years.

Spray Applied

The final coat can be applied by specialist high pressure spraying equipment at the pressures up to 400 PSI.

Roller Applied

We can use roller applied methods for smooth colour,clear applications and texture applications.
White house painted with Proteks.

Proteks has a Long Life, 5 - 7 times longer than paint.

For over 30 years a Proteks System has been protecting buildings throughout the UK and beyond. From hotels, castles to palaces, commercial buildings to office blocks and multi storey flats to domestic dwellings.

Proteks is confident in providing a full warranty on a product that has a life time expectancy of 25 years or more.
We've Proved it!No matter what design or surface and no matter what condition. Proteks restores and improves the style and character of any house or building.
Proteks is today’s answer to tomorrow's problem.

A Better Alternative to Painting.
You May Never Need to Paint Again!

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