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The Proteks System

Proteks is a protective and decorative coating application for the exterior fabric of almost any building.
Smooth application (for painted properties).
Textured application (for rough-cast, dry dash. Wet dash and rendered properties).
Clear application (for natural stone, brick and sandstone properties).

Aplication Methods

The application method will depend upon which Proteks System is chosen for your property type, Proteks comes as a solid state material and is a two-coat application.

The first part of the application is to install the prime or slush coat. The slush coat is created by the addition of up to 40% PT 15, a modified resin, to the mixture(dependent on substrate). The first coat also creates a surface with uniform porosity, allowing an even distribution rate when the final coat is applied.

When the final coat is applied it will leave a tough durable weatherproof finish designed to be maintenance free for more than 25 years.

Spray Applied.

The final coat can be applied by specialist high pressure spraying equipment at the pressures up to 400 PSI.

Roller Applied.

We can use roller applied methods for smooth colour, clear applications and texture applications.
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Proteks Smooth Application

Ideal for all previously painted exterior walls. The Proteks System for painted walls will outlast traditional masonry paint by as much as 7 times.

Proteks can be applied to almost any sub-strait - From a smooth render, to a wet dash or dry dash finish. Roughcast and pebble dashed surfaces.

Proteks can also be applied to many wood surfaces and will adhere to even uPVC and plastic facia’s and soffits gutters and down pipes.

Its wide choice of colours from the BS 4800 range offers over 100+ choices to choose from.
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Proteks Textured Application

Ideal for all previously painted exterior walls. A Proteks textured spray application can be used on many building types and is a better alternative to more traditional rough-cast and wet dash methods.

During production perlite (lava chip) is added to the mix to give a Fine, Medium or Standard texture finish. This gives a wide variety of solutions to solve almost any problem. Add to this over 100 colours to choose from, The Proteks System is the answer to many exterior wall problems.

As with our smooth application The Proteks System will outlast traditional methods and comes with a full guarantee to back this up.
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Proteks Clear Application

Suitable for all natural stone, sandstone and brick properties.

Protects your property from spalling and deterioration from the changing weather conditions. A two stage application just like our textured and smooth finished Rainguard offers owners a cost effective ‘peace of mind’ solution to a nightmare problem.