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4 Steps to a Re-newed Monoblock Driveway

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Resulting In A Maintenance Free Driveway For Years & Years

Step 1

Intense Pressure Wash
Eliminates Weed Growth. Prevents weeds growing between the blocks.

After wash we better see those areas that require repair and attention.

Step 2

Repair & Realign Blocks
Our surveyor will discuss these issues with you and suggest solutions.

All repairs will be undertaken prior to completing The Proteks System.

Once repairs have been completed it is important to

Step 3

The driveway will then be vibrated with a wacker plate this will ensure the sand blends into the gaps between the blocks.

A second sanding is normally required in order to pack the sand prior to sealing.

The Proteks System is a breathable membrane that allows the blocks to breathe naturally and will allow water to dissipate.

Step 4

Apply Long Life Resin Seal
The application of The Proteks Resin Seal will leave the drive way maintenance free.

Once treated you can pressure wash as often as you like safe in the knowledge you will never need to sand again.
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The Proteks System Outlasts
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Our Proteks System

Brings your old tired Monoblock, Driveways, Patios, Paths back to life for a fraction of the price of a full replacement
‘Proteks’ repairs and re-surfacing are included to give your project a new lease of life for years to come. If you are looking for advice get in touch here and one of our surveyors will be pleased to discuss your properties needs.
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Proteks Monoblock

How it Works

  1. Resin impregnates into block, giving long lasting protection against the elements.
  2. Binds sand grains together and to the block giving maintenance free peace of mind.
Resulting in a maintenance free driveway for years & years!
Without Loss Of Sand
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The Benefits of ‘Proteks’

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